Are your staff listening to the sound of silence?

What are your staff listening to at work? Rachel Gillett from Business Insider Australia wrote a great article on what the best music to listen to for maximum productivity at work, and it’s a great read and the research comes out of the University of Birmingham in England. Let’s look at the important points:

To Summarise

  • Natural sounds ie. rainforest, sounds of the ocean boosts the mood and adds focus.
  • Listing to music you enjoy can make you feel better (it probably didn’t need a scientist to figure that one out)
  • Songs that you don’t care about increases productivity – you tend to stop and listen to a song that you like.
  • Words are distracting – speech distracts around 48% of office workers
  • Songs that have a specific tempo ie. upbeat songs – should match the type of work you are doing. In other words, work in a fast paced environment – get your techno beat on!
  • Noise level is also important – play the music at a medium level, anything louder can be distracting.

What should I do about it?

There are many different options out there, depending on your budget and the space you need to fill. For a small office space a small-ish bluetooth speaker or dock for your smartphone will do the trick. I like the Boom 2’s (which are bluetooth), which you can pick up from JB for peanuts.

What I really love is the Sonos speaker system, which can grow with our business or space you need to cover. They are a little more expensive, but are rock solid, especially when you have to link a heap of them over wifi.

Finally, hook up some tunes – you can stream your iTunes or music library to it, or even better if you’d like to join up to a music subscription service, Apple Music and Spotify are great choices as well.

Go Forth and boogie

No matter which way you go, adding some ambience to your workplace is good for the mind and the soul, so get cracking!

Now. Where did I put my Meatloaf CD?

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