Facebook Fools Us with Inflated Video Metrics

How many chances do you give a service before ditching it?

In my case, if I am wronged by a particular service, I tend to shun it straight away, and warn all my friends and family about it. And I’m not the only one.  How come Facebook seems to escape this?

Yet again, Facebook have been caught out. It what has been a horrid few months for the social media giant, it’s been reported that they have pulled a “swifty” on us. The Verge reports that Facebook were inflating their video metrics by up to 900% in some cases.

That’s right. You post a video and are told that it’s been seen by many more people than it actually has been seen by. So who cares right?

Marketer’s for one.

Think of it this way. Let’s say I have 1 Video creator, and 5 writers on my team, and the video content is seen 9 x more than the written content. It makes me think that I’m going to need less writers and more video journalists right?

Decisions get made, people get fired, and, what affectionately call “Vanity Metrics”, support this decision.

If I’m a business owner, and I’m told that Facebook Videos are seen 9 times more than Youtube Videos, it also makes me question where my videos are uploaded and advertising dollar is spent.

There’s no doubts about it. It’s a true shitstorm that’s been discovered, and most certainly leaves Facebook open for some litigation.

So what’s my takeaway?

I’ve never been a huge fan of Facebook views. It’s important to know your content is being looked at, but there is no customer that I’ve met so far has been super ecstatic about 100 views of a video. They want to know how many sales it lead to.

And this is what I would learn from this. Yes vanity metrics make you feel good, and that people “care” about your content. Don’t fall for this. Speak to your digital marketer about actual metrics that matter. Clicks and Conversions are important.

Have you been fooled by Facebook’s little Video Metrics scam? Comment below to let me know your thoughts.

Finally, what metrics matter to you?

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