Mobile Websites – not sure if you need one?

Whilst many are on the band wagon, there are plenty of business owners who don’t believe their customers will access them via mobile. Ever wondered how often you interact with your phone in a single day?

Dscout, a social media based marketing tool wanted to find out as well. They made the following findings:

What you need to know

  1. Users tapped, swiped or clicked on their mobile 2,617 times per day!
  2. Heavier users had double that – think the next generation of mobile users.
  3. The average user had a mobile session 76 times per day
  4. Heavier users doubled that at 132 sessions per day

So when did they use their phone most?

They found that users kicked things off from pre-dawn and it grew like wildfire from there:

touches by hour of the day

How many different apps were they using?

This one is the clincher. A massive 52% of users only use one app on their phone. One app! It probably doesn’t take an engineering degree to know what that one app might have been.

Number apps per phone

So Facebook right?

Well kinda. They were on top, but guess what people do on Facebook? Communicate – and it took the lions share of the numbers.

share of touches

What about the app categories

While not a total surprise (have you seen my aunties play candy crush) – games led the pack. Shopping was second place, and you can see in the chart below exactly what people were looking at.


So how do we use this data?

The take aways from this data point to a few truths that we all kind of suspected all along:

  1. People use their phones all day (and night) – so lets make sure your website is mobile ready. If you have an app, updates are important. If you only have a website, updates are important.
  2. Social Media is so important to your business. It’s where all your customers (and their close friends) are hanging out. Especially Facebook. Facebook should be number one on your list.

Wondering what to do next? Not sure how to engage or move with any this data, consult an expert.

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