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Ashton Entertainment (26)
Australia's longest running entertainment family. Most well known for their circus performances, Ashtons now appear in multiple venues and productions.
Ashton Entertainment
Web Design
Time Frame:
6 Months


The overarching goal for Ashtons Entertainment was the conception and realisation of a brand new, state-of-the-art website. This project was not just about creating an online presence; it was about crafting a digital platform that resonates with the energy and creativity inherent in Ashtons Entertainment. The aim was to deliver a site that goes beyond mere functionality, embodying the essence of the brand and setting a new benchmark in their digital footprint.

A key objective was to enhance user experience significantly. The website was designed to be intuitive and user-friendly, ensuring that visitors could easily navigate through the diverse range of services and offerings. Emphasis was placed on creating a visually appealing layout that captures the audience’s attention while providing a seamless and engaging journey through the site. This approach was critical in making information easily accessible, whether it was for browsing entertainment options, making inquiries, or booking services.

Central to our vision was the portrayal of Ashtons Entertainment’s unique brand identity. The website needed to be more than a digital brochure; it had to be a true representation of their ethos and professionalism. This translated into a design that was not only visually striking but also reflective of the brand’s values and market position. Integrating social media and multimedia elements like photo galleries and videos was also pivotal, adding dynamism and interaction to the user experience.

In the digital age, visibility is key. Therefore, a robust SEO strategy was implemented to elevate the website’s search engine rankings, aiming to attract more organic traffic and expand audience reach. This was complemented by ensuring the website’s responsiveness across various devices, particularly mobile, acknowledging the growing trend of on-the-go web browsing.

Lastly, the backend of the website was designed with equal care, focusing on data analytics for performance monitoring and incorporating user feedback mechanisms. This approach ensures continual adaptation and improvement of the website, based on actual user interactions and preferences. Furthermore, adhering to the latest web security standards was a priority, guaranteeing data protection and compliance with legal requirements such as GDPR.

The goal with this project was not just to meet the immediate needs of Ashtons Entertainment but to create a digital platform that drives their business growth and enhances customer engagement for years to come.


The journey to create Ashtons Entertainment’s new website commenced with an intensive design and development phase. Our team engaged in a collaborative process, transforming creative ideas into actionable designs through iterative feedback and refinement. We focused on crafting a layout that was visually appealing and user-friendly, ensuring ease of navigation and a pleasant browsing experience for all visitors.

Significant effort was dedicated to optimising the user interface and experience. Utilising modern design principles, we created an aesthetic appeal while ensuring functional simplicity. The website’s navigation was strategically organised, allowing users to effortlessly locate information. Responsive design was a priority, guaranteeing a seamless experience across various devices and catering to a growing mobile audience.

At the core of the website’s functionality was the development of a customised content management system (CMS). This system streamlined updating and managing website content, providing Ashtons Entertainment with the flexibility they needed. Alongside this, a comprehensive search engine optimisation (SEO) strategy was implemented, involving content optimisation, enhancing site speed, and ensuring mobile-friendliness to boost the site’s search engine rankings and visibility.

Recognising the impact of multimedia in engaging and retaining audience interest, we incorporated a range of high-quality images, videos, and interactive elements. These were carefully chosen to align with Ashtons Entertainment’s brand identity, adding a dynamic aspect to the website’s storytelling. Additionally, the website was seamlessly integrated with the company’s social media platforms, facilitating a unified digital presence across various channels.

In today’s digital age, website security is paramount. We implemented stringent security measures to safeguard the website and its users. This included secure hosting, regular software updates, and adherence to data protection regulations like the GDPR. Regular backups and recovery plans were also established, ensuring the website’s durability and reliability.

To continuously assess and enhance the website’s performance, we integrated advanced analytics tools. These provided insights into user behaviour and engagement, allowing for data-driven improvements. User feedback mechanisms were also put in place, enabling ongoing refinement of the website based on direct user input.

The completion of the Ashtons Entertainment website was a testament to a successful blend of aesthetic design, technical expertise, and strategic foresight. The final product was not just a website but a dynamic, intuitive, and secure digital platform that elevated Ashtons Entertainment’s online presence and set a new benchmark in their digital marketing strategy.

What the client said:

Upon completing the Ashtons Entertainment website, we reached several significant milestones that marked a transformation in their digital presence. Our collaborative efforts yielded a website that not only met but exceeded initial expectations, presenting a platform that truly represents the vibrancy and professionalism of Ashtons Entertainment.

In terms of branding, the new website solidified Ashtons Entertainment’s identity in the digital space. Consistent branding across the website and integrated social media resulted in a stronger, more cohesive online presence. The brand now resonates more effectively with its target audience, reflecting the company’s values and service quality.

Ashtons Entertainment expressed immense satisfaction with the website, validating our efforts and signalling their confidence in the new site as a key component of their marketing strategy. The modern and professional appearance of the website also enhanced their overall reputation in the industry.

Lastly, integrating analytics tools provided valuable insights into user behaviour and preferences, crucial for future marketing and business development strategies. These insights ensure that the website remains dynamic, evolving based on real-world data.

In summary, the Ashtons Entertainment website project was a comprehensive success, achieving significant improvements in online user experience, brand presence, and business performance. These achievements have laid a strong foundation for the company’s ongoing digital strategy.

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