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Blaze Metal Logo

Logo Mockup Blaze
Blaze Metal are a brand new venture for our client, who are looking at opening an eCommerce store.
Blaze Metal
Time Frame:
2 Weeks


The primary objective was to craft a versatile logo for Blaze Metal, one that could seamlessly adapt to a multitude of environments. Although there were no predetermined preferences for colours or elements, the focus was on aligning the design with the client’s brand ethos.


The process began with exploring various logo styles, engaging in a collaborative dialogue with the client to gauge their reactions and preferences. Through numerous iterations, each design was refined, gradually honing in on a final logo that resonated with the client’s vision.

What the client said:

The client was highly satisfied with the final logo design, appreciating its adaptability across diverse platforms. This new logo is set to feature prominently on Blaze Metal’s upcoming website, launching in 2024, marking a fresh chapter in their brand identity.

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