IQ Body Brochure

Sales Brochure

Iq Body
IQ Body are well known throughout Europe and they are finally launching in Australia. They engaged Digital Den to create some brochures for their sales consultants.
IQ Body
Time Frame:
1 Day


The primary objective was to design a one-page flyer for IQ Body that would act as a streamlined sales tool for their consultants. The target audience for this initiative were clinic and spa owners, whom IQ Body aimed to entice with their offerings.


The journey commenced with a thorough collection of product-related information, which was pivotal in crafting a design that was both appealing and informative. Although this was a solo endeavour, the meticulous preparation ensured that the brochure was well-equipped to serve its purpose.

What the client said:

The resultant brochure was met with immense satisfaction from the clients. While there were no immediate metrics to measure its success, the brochure has found its place within IQ Body’s sales funnel, aiding in attracting new customers and facilitating easier conversations for their consultants.

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