The Complete Beginner’s Guide to Digital Marketing in 2018

Digital Marketing. I work in it every day and sometimes it confuses the hell out of me. 

What exactly is Digital Marketing in 2018? I know what it was in 2007.

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Don’t click on that by the way, just kidding, but seriously don’t.

Digital Marketing in 2018 is such a complicated and huge topic that I feel that for most businesses I speak with, they lump anything that’s “Digital” into that topic and move on. I feel that it’s making things too hard to understand though. In this article I’ll do my best to explain what’s important to understand in regards to Digital Marketing in 2018, and what band wagon you can probably ignore this year. Maybe.

Ignore everything everyone has ever told you about Digital Marketing

Siblings aren't the same
Don't trust any of these children

A catchy headline to be sure, but I’m using it to prove a point. 

There is no magic answer when it comes to finding the “best” Digital Marketing solution for you. Every industry, company and customer is different. 

It’s like expecting your second child to be identical to your first. You’ve probably heard a similar piece of advice before in regards to customers. 

So if everything is different and it doesn’t matter, what’s the point of a post like this?

Try many things and see what sticks


There are a zillion ways of marketing to your customers online, and the great news is that a good portion of them cost little or no money. 

You still need a Digital Marketing budget, though you may find that time will be a huge factor when it comes to preparing your Digital Marketing efforts. Make a list of options that you’d like to try and grab a calendar, plan out what you’d like to try.

So.... What are my Digital Marketing options?

social media options

When it comes to Digital Marketing, you can split them up into a few different groups. Let’s run through them.

Social Media

Yes the grandaddy of Digital Marketing. Social Media. Some love it, some hate it, we all need it. As mentioned above, all companies are different and you need to decide what platforms work best for you. Here is a list of the current social media platforms available. 


Don’t diss newsletters. They are one of the most important and successful forms of Digital Marketing as you are dealing directly with existing and customers who have subscribed. Need to get started? Click on the link below to see how Fast Company suggest you get started.

Paid Advertising

No matter what happens in the future, you can be sure that marketers will find a way to charge to place ads on it. It makes Google and Facebook billions each year, and they aren’t going to stop it any time soon. So what are your options? Here is a list of options for you.

Website Content

What’s the difference between website content and all the other options above? It’s marketing on a platform that you have control over. Yes social media, newsletters and paid ads are great, but you only have so much control of them. Also, they can change literally overnight and guess what you can do about it? Nadda. 

The most obvious place to start writing on your site is on a blog post, but don’t forget about your services, or products pages, your home page and about us pages either. 

Getting started in Digital Marketing in 2018

That all sounds pretty good doesn’t it? So now what? You have a few options available to you here, and depending on your availability and if you have a staff member to delegate to, you may be asking:

When am I supposed to come up with all this content and who is supposed to manage it?

You can either pass the work onto a trusted consultant, such as Digital Den, or hire an internal guru to do all this for you. Either way, 2018 is the year to kick start your business in Digital Marketing. 

Something missing from my list? Add a comment below and let’s get chatting.

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