What can we expect at tomorrow’s Apple Keynote?

In what has become Apple’s worst kept secret since the iPhone 4, someone from Apple has, incredibly, leaked their GM (Grand Master) version of iOS11, which is due out with the next iPhone.

So what’s the juicy goss?

There isn’t any iPhone 8 images or anything that amazing, but there have been some interesting points that have been found in the software that Apple are sure to cover on Wednesday morning (Australian Time).

A bag of new iPhones

We always knew there was going to be a new iPhone right. It didn’t take a leak for that to become apparent, but what wasn’t clear was how many iPhone’s would be released.

From the leak it appears that were will be an iPhone 7s big and small (for want of a better description) and another iPhone “X” as well. This appears to be the much talked about 10th Anniversary iPhone we’ve been waiting for.

Any ideas of what the iPhone X will look like?

You bet. Again, thanks to a previous Apple leak (not some guy in a bar) we are certain the iPhone X will be losing the front home button, and they are going for a more infinity edge type screen, as per the Samsung flagships.

There appears to be a small notch in the top of the screen to accomodate the front facing camera as well. Much like the like the recently announced, but suspiciously hard to find “Essential” phone.

What else can you tell me?

From the software it appears that they have facial recognition built into the phone as well, which is pretty amazing from those that have seen demo’s.

3d emojis

Need I say more?

What else do we think will be announced

What I’m most interested in is the apparent leak of a SIM card enabled Apple Watch image. This could remove the tether required from an iPhone, making it a perfect companion to go with your rarer than hens teeth AirPods when you are out exercising.

A new Apple TV?

It looks like Apple will release an updated Apple TV as well, which includes 4K and HDR, which brings them up to par with their competitors.

We will find out more tomorrow

Stay tuned for my update tomorrow. Once I recover from waking up at 3am QLD time to watch the keynote!

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