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At Digital Den, I’ve been helping customers for years with many aspects of their business. From Digital Marketing to Website Development, Business and Process Consulting, you name it, I’ve done it.

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How does Drag and Drop Work on iPad in iOS11?

How does Drag and Drop Work on iPad in iOS11? iOS 11 on iPad. It's an absolute game changer. Especially if you have been trying to go iPad only for a while now. Apple dropped iOS 11 this morning and everyone wants to know what's different. Some things look a lot...
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What can we expect at tomorrow’s Apple Keynote?

In what has become Apple’s worst kept secret since the iPhone 4, someone from Apple has, incredibly, leaked their GM (Grand Master) version of iOS11, which is due out with the next iPhone. So what’s the juicy goss?There isn’t any iPhone 8 images or anything that...
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How Microsoft can drop the ball on AR if they aren’t careful

Ars Technica had a great post last week about how Microsoft once lead the pack in augmented reality (AR), but are now in great danger of falling behind Apple and Google in the next few months. The key points Microsoft announced the HoloLens in 2015 to much fanfare...
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Some articles that grabbed my attention this week

Don’t forget to update your phone, tablet, computer and your pacemakerJust when you thought you only had to update your computer and your phone, you’ll now need to update your pacemaker.In an alarming press release on Tuesday, the US Food and Drug Administration have...
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Review – Things 3 by Cultured Code

I love well written software. It’s one of my 3 wishes if I ever get abandoned on a deserted island. You get three right? What is Things 3?Things 3 is a task or to do manager developed by Cultured Code. A task manager gives you the ability to “empty your brain” of all...
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Apple’s long game in enterprise

On Apple’s long game In a recent article on BGR, Chris Smith wrote about how Apple has a long game to “trap you inside the iPhone”. He wrote: “The “trap” is really simple. You get sucked into iOS, likely via the iPhone, and you never look back. You get apps, you buy...
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Mobile Websites – not sure if you need one?

Whilst many are on the band wagon, there are plenty of business owners who don’t believe their customers will access them via mobile. Ever wondered how often you interact with your phone in a single day? Dscout, a social media based marketing tool wanted to find out...
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What is the purpose of your Website?

There is no argument that all companies, no matter how small, need a website today. It’s as important as being in the Yellow Pages in 1982. Many businesses have never asked the all important question: Why does our site exist? There are currently 1,052,246,701 websites...
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Are your staff listening to the sound of silence?

What are your staff listening to at work? Rachel Gillett from Business Insider Australia wrote a great article on what the best music to listen to for maximum productivity at work, and it’s a great read and the research comes out of the University of Birmingham in...
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Welcome to the new Digital Den

It's been well over a year since I start Digital Den and I've learnt so much that I thought it was time to refocus. Refocus not just for my customers, but for myself. A refresh of brand and of mind... When I started Digital Den, I had one goal in mind for what my...
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