It Did What? 15 Secrets About Google My Business Reviews

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Alright, folks, buckle up because we’re about to dive deep into the wild world of Google My Business (GMB) reviews. We’re not just talking about those star ratings you glance at before picking a restaurant. Nope, this is next-level stuff – the kind of insider tips that can transform your local business’s online presence.

Think you know everything about GMB reviews? Think again. We’re about to spill 16 secrets that’ll make you say, “It did what?”

  1. Review Notifications: Your Personal Alert System
Screenshot 2024 05 30 At 6.10.11 am

Ever wish you could get a heads-up every time someone left a review? Well, guess what? You can! GMB can ping you with a notification whenever a new review hits your profile. This means you can respond quickly, show customers you care, and even address any negative feedback before it snowballs.

  1. Review Filters: X-Ray Vision for Your Feedback
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Want to see all your glowing 5-star reviews in one place? Or maybe you need to zero in on those 1-star zingers to see where you can improve. GMB’s got your back with handy review filters. You can sort by rating, date, and even keywords, giving you a laser-focused view of your customer feedback.

  1. Google Review Snippets: Your Reviews on the Big Stage
Google Review Snippet

Ever noticed those little snippets of reviews that pop up in Google search results? Those are like mini-billboards for your business, giving potential customers a quick taste of what others think. And the best part? Google creates them automatically from your GMB reviews. So make sure those reviews are glowing!

  1. Review Influence on Local SEO: Your Ticket to the Top

Want to be the first business that pops up when someone searches for “best pizza near me”? Your Google reviews can help you get there. Reviews are a major factor in local SEO, so the more positive reviews you have, the higher you’re likely to rank in local search results.

  1. Review Carousels: Your Business in the Spotlight
Review Carousel

For certain searches, Google might show a carousel of businesses with their reviews right at the top of the results. It’s like prime real estate in the digital world, and you want your business to be featured there. A steady stream of positive reviews can help you snag a spot in the carousel and attract more eyeballs.

  1. Photo and Video Reviews: Show, Don’t Just Tell

A picture is worth a thousand words, right? Well, on GMB, it could be worth a thousand customers. Encourage your happy patrons to upload photos and videos of their experience. These visual reviews are more engaging and can give potential customers a real feel for what you offer.

  1. Flagging Inappropriate Reviews: Don’t Let Trolls Ruin Your Day
Screenshot 2024 05 30 At 6.41.40 pm

Sometimes, you’ll get a review that’s just plain nasty or clearly fake. Don’t let it ruin your day! GMB lets you flag inappropriate reviews that violate their policies. While there’s no guarantee it’ll be removed, it’s worth a shot to protect your reputation.

  1. Google Q&A Integration: Answer Those Burning Questions

Your GMB listing isn’t just for reviews; it’s also a place for customers to ask questions. Make sure you’re monitoring this section and responding promptly. It’s a great way to provide helpful information and show potential customers that you’re engaged and responsive.

  1. Review Generation Links: Make it Easy for Customers
Screenshot 2024 05 30 At 6.43.43 pm

Want to make it super easy for customers to leave a review? GMB provides a direct link you can share via email, text, or social media. The fewer clicks it takes, the more likely people are to leave feedback.

  1. Review Insights: Spy on Your Competition (Legally)

GMB offers insights into how your reviews stack up against your competitors. You can see how many reviews they have, their average rating, and even how your sentiment compares. It’s like having a little spyglass into your competition’s online reputation.

  1. Responding with Keywords: SEO Boost for Your Replies

Don’t just respond to reviews; optimize them! Sprinkle relevant keywords into your replies to give your local SEO a little boost. For example, if you’re a plumber, you might mention “leaky faucet repair” or “water heater installation” in your responses.

  1. Request Review Removal: Fight Back Against Fake Reviews

If you believe a review is fake or violates Google’s guidelines, you can request its removal directly through your GMB dashboard. It’s not always a sure thing, but it’s worth a try to protect your reputation.

  1. Positive Review Highlights: Let Google Do the Bragging

Sometimes, Google will highlight specific phrases from positive reviews that frequently appear. These “review highlights” are like little gold nuggets that showcase your strengths. Encourage customers to use specific keywords in their reviews to increase your chances of getting highlighted.

  1. Review Monitoring Tools: Your Review Command Center

Feeling overwhelmed by all this review talk? Third-party tools can integrate with GMB to help you monitor and manage reviews more efficiently. You can get alerts for new reviews, track your overall rating, and even generate reports to see how you’re doing over time.

  1. Review Impact on Click-Through Rate (CTR): The Click Magnet

Positive reviews don’t just build trust; they also make people more likely to click on your listing in search results. A higher click-through rate (CTR) signals to Google that your business is relevant and popular, which can further boost your rankings.

The Bottom Line:

Google My Business reviews are a powerful tool for building trust, boosting your online visibility, and attracting new customers. By actively soliciting reviews, responding to feedback, and managing your online reputation, you can turn your GMB profile into a lead-generation machine.